JUNE, 2017

Captain’s News

Sailing aboard Sy-Twilight we are truly fortunate to have such a variety of wildlife on our doorstep, the most popular being the delighful colonies of Dolphins. Ever present in warm clear waters, you are bound to encounter several different species during your trip.

Keep your eyes open for movement in all directions, dolphins may leap ahead of the bow wave or jump over the whitewater wake. Spinner dolphins are even more exciting to spot; as their name suggests, they actually leap out of the water vertically and spin or pirouette on their tail before gracefully falling back into the water. Whale and dolphin watching out at sea provides people with an alternative way to observe these intruiging creatures outside of captivity in tourist facilities.

Dolphins filmed from Sy-Twilight | Early 2017

Film by Ralph Brocklehurst

One of our recent guests aboard Twilight was delighted to spot a colony of Dolphins and kindly sent us the footage. You can view the film above.