MARCH, 2018

Captain’s News

It’s all hands on deck – or rather off it – at the moment as Sy Twilight undergoes its 5 year Lloyds survey in Palma, Spain. This is a major overhaul to ensure that her construction and all the parts within are in good working order.

We take down the mast ( a process called ‘un-stepping’ ) and check all the rigging, every valve that goes through the hull is removed and pressure tested, every moving part of machinery is serviced from stem to stern and every other part checked. You can view a short film of the mast un stepping below, which was an indeed an incredible sight to observe.

Sy-Twilight –  Un-stepping the mast during Lloyds 5 year Maintenance Inspections | 23rd March  2018

Film by Ralph Brocklehurst

In a nutshell we painstakingly dismantle Sy Twilight, checking and servicing every single part, before carefully putting her back together again. Once again it is another example of every member of the crew working together to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and professionally.